Why Meditate

Why Meditate?

For less stress and more success

Transcendental Meditation develops the total potential of the brain.

When we are stressed, we do not use all of our brain. It is more difficult for us to think clearly, resulting in short sighted decisions that often lead to more stress!

In comparison, during TM the whole brain becomes enlivened. Research shows that during the practice of TM there is increased blood flow to the brain, increased coherence between the right and left hemispheres and increased EEG coherence. This translates into:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Far-sighted decision making
  • Better memory
  • Increased creativity

More success and increased performance in all areas of life are a direct result of practising TM.

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    For more vitality and good health

    While the mind experiences increased coherence, the body experiences a profound state of rest up to twice that of deep sleep. Due to this deep state of rest, the body is able to repair, revitalise and dissolve deep rooted stress, tension and fatigue.

    There is also a reduction in consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and non-prescription drugs. When you feel better and have increased energy it is easier to spontaneously make more life supporting choices.

    Health benefits are seen across the board including:

    • Better mental health
    • Improved cardiovascular function
    • Enhanced immunity
    • Reduction in stress related disorders

    For more balance and bliss

    With increased clarity of mind and greater well being, enjoyment of life naturally increases. TM allows us to be more mentally present.

    Instead of thinking about work when you are with your family or worrying about your personal life while trying to focus on your job, you are better able to just enjoy the moment and bring your full attention to what you are doing.

    With the regular practice of TM appreciation of the people around you grows and relationships become more harmonious.

    Transcendental Meditation brings an inner peace and sense of happiness that improves the overall quality of life regardless of what you do or what life brings.