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    How to Learn Transcendental Meditation on the Sunshine Coast

    The first step to learn Transcendental Meditation on the Sunshine Coast is to attend a free introductory talk. These are held in Maleny, Maroochydore and Noosa. Or you can attend an online talk via zoom.

    Please call 0438 507 188 or email or look at the Dates section to find out the details.
    A teacher of Transcendental Meditation can come to your business or group to give a talk on TM.

    An Introductory talk will cover:

    • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
    • How TM improves our health and wellbeing
    • How TM develops higher states of consciousness.
    • How TM can be understood in terms of Quantum Physics.
    • How TM works and how it is different to other techniques.
    • How to learn and the life time follow up program.

    If you can't attend an introductory talk on Transcendental Meditation you can watch the talk by Both Roth and the rest can be done over the phone. However it is preferable to attend the introductory talk in person as it is more comprehensive and you have the opportunity to ask any questions.

    Introduction to Transcendental Meditation
    Bob Roth Introductory Talk

    Personal Instruction

    Transcendental Meditation is taught through personal instruction by an accredited Transcendental Meditation teacher. It is taught over a period of 4 days, each day lasting about an hour and a half.

    Transcendental Meditation is taught in Maleny, Maroochydore and Noosa and can be learnt on the weekend or during the week.

    The 4 day course involves:

    • Day one: an individual session lasting about an hour
    • Day two: 1st day checking lasting an hour and a half
    • Day three: 2nd day checking session lasting an hour and a half
    • Day four: 3rd day checking session lasting an hour and a half

    Lifetime Follow Up Program

    After completing the 4 day course of instruction, there is an on going follow up program that includes individual checking sessions 10 days after you learn and then once a month for 4 months and then when ever you need, you can have attend group checking sessions and group meditation at any TM centre worldwide. These sessions are all included in the cost of learning.

    Accredited Teachers

    Learn with an accredited teacher of TM to ensure that you gain the full benefits and have access to the lifetime follow up program. This can be verified by going to