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    Doctors Prescribe Transcendental Meditation
    Dr Nancy Lonsdorf explains why she refers her patients to Transcendental Meditation
    Effects of TM on blood pressure
    People with high blood pressure may find relief by practicing transcendental meditation, according to a definitive new meta-analysis of 107 published studies on stress reduction programs and high blood pressure, which will be published in the December issue of Current Hypertension Reports.
    A Summary of Research on the Transcendental Meditation technique
    World-renowned Quantum Physicist John Hagelin gives an overview of the hundreds of scientific studies on the Transcendental Meditation program, and the benefits they've shown TM to have.
    Transcending ADHD: Medication or Transcendental Meditation?
    Insights in Health explores the research and experiences using the Transcendental Meditation technique for ADHD.