The Secret to Manifestation

The Mechanics of Manifestation

Wendy Rosenfeldt

As scientists have gone to the quantum level of life to understand the workings of the universe they have discovered that the solid non-changing world as we know it is replaced by a sea of fluctuating particles governed by probability.  At its most subtle level energy appears to take the form of a thought.  While scientists are still grappling with the ramifications of these mind bending discoveries, life coaches and natural healers are embracing this shift in consciousness.

There has been a rise in popularity in self development programs and healing techniques based on positive thinking and visualisation.  At the Quantum world thought creates reality so we should be able to recreate our world exactly as we would like.  While good in theory and seeming to follow the scientific logic of quantum physics such techniques are limited in their effectiveness and depend on the circumstance and ability of the individual using them.

They are limited for two reasons; the conscious mind can only maintain positive thinking for a fraction of our day and then we are sabotaged by negative thinking originating from past experience stored in our subconscious and secondly we are trying to use quantum mechanical laws on the level of the relative world.  It is like using a hammer to smash a subatomic particle.

Just as there are different levels of life with their corresponding laws of nature there are also different levels of the mind. What we experience throughout the day is limited to the surface level of the mind. If we imagine our mind to be like an ocean, it is as if we are riding the crashing waves on the surface. To experience the quantum level of reality we must transcend the surface level and take our awareness to the depths of the mind. While quantum physicists are building increasingly more complex machines to unravel the workings of the quantum world, the Vedic technology of Transcendental Meditation allows the mind to effortless experience this level of life.

It is the regular experience of this state of transcendental consciousness that is crucial to transforming your life and really working with the quantum laws of nature. If you have spent the whole of your life believing that the world is a certain way, it takes a consistent experience of it being different before life will follow the new flow of consciousness. Anything is possible but it won’t be materialised by fleeting thoughts or one off experiences of transcendental consciousness. To get fit we have to train our body likewise to operate from the quantum mechanical world we have to take our awareness their on a regular basis.